10 Incredible Things To Do In Norway

Northern Lights

Norway is a location in which the old and the innovative coexist, with natural wonders jostling for space alongside cutting-edge cultural institutions. Oslo, the capital city, is as lively as they arrive, but if users prefer, you can travel to snow-capped mountains and breathtaking gorges. This is known as the Land of the Midnight Sun, in which the days never finish as well as the sun is always visible during certain times of the year; It is among the few areas on the planet where you can see the stars, one of the most stunning natural light displays on the planet.

Norway is one of the wealthiest European countries, so you can expect great amenities, such as a diverse range of public transportation options if you visit. Norway is also known for being extremely safe, making it an excellent choice for solo female travelers who want to explore the country. There is so much to do in this city, which has a fascinating history and places of interest such as glaciers. You could indeed learn all there was to understand the fascinating Viking culture while also seeing the contemporary sides of Norway that were galore at every turn.

Things to Do In Norway

Watch the Northern Lights ( Best time to see them ) 

Having witnessed Aurora has to be at the top of your list of unusual things to do in Norway. Norway, renowned for its breathtaking Northern Lights, attracts a large number of visitors from November through March, providing the best opportunity to see the Northern Lights. If you’re looking for stuff to do in Norway in December, seeing the City Lights must be at the top of the list!

Skiing ( Lyngen Alps )

The Lyngen Alps are a stunning mountain range that is blanketed in snow almost all year. This mountain range, located in the Arctic Circle, is well-known among adventurers. There are breathtaking sights.


Explore Norway’s true beauty by hiking and climbing great and powerful mountain ranges to attain photogenic locations. We guarantee that the panoramic view is well worth the time and effort!


Preikestolen, also recognized as Pulpit Stone, is a must-see attraction in Norway. The increase to Pulpit Rock takes about 4-5 hours and covers 10 kilometers (6 miles). You’ll make the peak of a 604-meter (1,982-foot) high ledge with panoramic views of Lysefjord.

You could even peer over the periphery of the Preacher’s Pulpit whether you’re brave sufficiently.


The Loen Skylift, which was inaugurated by the Empress of Norway in 2017, is one of the latest contributions to Norway’s many amazing viewpoints. The aerial tramway will consider taking you 1,011 meters to the top of A mountain Hoven if you board the cable car here. You’ll travel from fjord to sky in 5 minutes.

From the top of the mountain, you can take in the amazing views of Nordfjord, participate in activities, or even grab a bite at a restaurant overlooking the fjord.


Trolltunga, a gravitational pull rocky outcrop that protrudes directly out from the mountainside, is the final thrill.

The unsubstantiated rock formation hangs more than 700 m. (2,300 feet) above Lake Ringedalsvatnet. The breathtaking scenery makes the 10- to 12-hour hiking up meaningful.

Road Trip on Atlantic Ocean Road ( How long is the Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway?, Is it worth? ) 

A trip together across Norway’s Atlantic Ocean Street is not to be missed. The five-mile extension of Norway’s path 64, also known simply as that of the East Coast Road, appears to forgo and slither all over islands and skerries as it connects Avery outpost.

The route follows a 5-mile stretch of rugged yet remarkable coastline, passing charming coastal towns and scenic sights like antiquity churches.

You can take a pre-planned route because this is now one of Norway’s major attractions, one of the main places of interest seems to be the iconic Troll’s Church Cave. Nothing is more potent than the sea. Few experiences help you stay connected to the ocean more than your time on the Atlantic Road. You get to be a part of natural components in this location. A trip along the Norwegian Scenic Path is a fantastic visual encounter.

Ferry Ride

Norway has lovely coastal towns and picturesque ferry routes. Another enjoyable way to travel is to take a cruise or ferry across the country. The ferry ride is one of the best tools to discover Norway’s majestic fjords. Norway is home to some spectacular fjords. A boat ride is one of the most satisfying things to see in Norway.

Train Ride ( Journey around Norway by train ) 

Norway does have some fantastic rail routes that are both comprehensive and simple to use, creating it one of the finest ways to explore the nation.

There really are over 2,000 miles of paths here, and the picturesque journeys allow you to see Norway from a completely different angle.

The Bergen Railway, which takes you previous to the Hardangervidda plateau, as well as the Vary slightly Railway, which keeps running from Oslo to Trondheim, are two of the high points.

Here are our 3 favorite railway journeys


Flam is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, nestled underneath the towering mountains and within striking distance of powerful waterfalls. It is ideal for hiking and exploring sites such as the 17th-century Flam Church and Ægir Microbrewery, which are located and it is at the end of the Aurlandsfjord.

The Flam Rail line departs from here to attain Myrdal high above. This 20-kilometer (12-mile) route, which is frequently mentioned on VIP lists of the world’s most beautiful train journeys, has been one of the world’s sharpest railway tracks.

The Flam Railway is available as part of the well-known Norway in a Simple terms® tour, able to take the scenic drive between Oslo and Bergen for just an extraordinary trip.


The Dovre Railway transports you into the heart of Norway’s wilderness. The Dovre Railway connects Oslo and Trondheim via the Gudbrandsdalen valley, passing through fjords, mighty mountains, and cascading waterfalls.

The 7-hour journey includes stops at ski resorts such as Lillehammer, trekking paths in the Dovrefjell mountain ranges, and nature reserves such as Jotunheimen and Rondane.

With so much to see and do, you could spend a long time touring the Dovre Railway.


Take the Rauma Railway to see some of Norway’s greatest spectacular landscapes. The Rauma Railway connects Dombs and andalsnes over a small distance of 113 kilometers and 70 miles.

Despite this, the 1-hour ride will take you past spectacular fjords, dense wild forests, and towering mountains.

Parts of Harry Potter, as well as the Half-Blood Prince, have been shot somewhere along the route, so Harry Potter fans can enjoy this trip.

Rauma Railway


This Norwegian beauty, along with Naeryfjord, was duly inscribed on the Unesco World Heritage sites in 2005. Geirangerfjord is a perennial contender to win of World’s Most Dazzling Fjord.

Here, you could indeed gaze out over calm waters, mighty mountain peaks, and strong waterfalls, such as the well-known Seven Sisters and the Wedding gown Veil. Our Geirangerfjord travel guide will provide you with motivation and concepts for your trip.


Ideally situated between Sognefjord and Hardangerfjord, Bergen is often used as a jumping-off point for excursions to Norway’s fjords and coastline. But this city is much more than a convenient base for further travel.

In the 13th century, Bergen was Norway’s capital and home to many Norwegian merchants. Today the wharf area, Bryggen, retains much of its original charm and has plenty of cultural and historical attractions to boot.

Make sure to ride the Fløibanen funicular up Mount Fløyen to get the best views over the city, a real highlight for visitors.

Explore Mount Floyen

To get the best vistas across Bergen, you need to come to Mount Floyen, a 399-meter summit that overlooks the city.

If you feel lazy, you can easily take the funicular railway to the top, which takes 8 minutes and affords views over Bergen and its famous fjords.

There is an area surrounding area near the summit, so if you don’t want to ride the cable car, you always can hike to the top of the mountain and road bike just on nearby trails.

Another major draw is the Floyen Folk Eatery, which features folk music live performances, and local cuisine.

Arctic Cathedral

Arctic Cathedral is among Norway’s most popular tourist attractions. The cathedral’s beauty is shocking and marvelous, thanks to its befuddling and unique architecture. The cathedral was designed to appear as if it were created of ice – and in winter, the entire imposing framework looks unparalleled with all of its surroundings encased in a winter duvet. One of the best winter activities in Norway is a trip to the Cathedral.

Artic cathedral


Norway is a beautiful country with plenty of things to see and do. This article listed ten of the best places to visit in Norway. Please follow our blog if you want to see more of what Norway offers. We will be posting more content soon.


How many days of the tour should you plan for Norway? 

To see the most tourist places in Norway, you’ll need to have at least 8 to 10 days.

Is Norway safe to travel alone?

Yes, Norway is safe for travelers.

Best time to visit Norway?

The great season to visit Norway is now the fall, between September and October. Another excellent season to travel to Norway is in the early summer, between May and June.

Is it expensive to travel?

Yes, many tourists find Norway a little bit more expensive than other countries in Europe.