8 Places That People Refer to as the 8th Wonder of the World

Are you looking for incredible places to visit? There are numerous locations that can be referred to as the 8th wonder of the world. Beauty, adventure and mystery are only a few of the things to expect when traveling to these wonders. Whether you have a bucket list or not, these are the places that deserve a visit.  

1. Petra, Jordan

The history behind this giant city is interesting, and keeps getting better the more it is explored. It was once a capital to the old Nabatean Kingdom. All of the structures were done by hand, and its beauty shows a legendary detail in a now lost craftsmanship. 

2. Taj Mahal, Agra, India

A long time ago, the Taj Mahal was a labor of love that had no equal. The details of the structure are almost as intricate as its attention to one-of-a-kind materials. It took 22 years to finish, but the Taj Mahal is still one of the most striking 8th Wonder of the World. 

3. Machu Pichu, Peru

The Inca Empire is a big part of history in Peru. In its current form, many have described it as a true 8th Wonder of the world. The Inca trail is educational but fun for visiting tourists. An up-close view of the cut stone is gorgeous, with the citadel being the crowning feature. 

4. The Grand Canyon

Visitors from all around the world pay tribute to the Grand Canyon. Individuals and families plan entire trips around visiting the area and taking in all of its history. The Grand Canyon is a huge attraction that generates millions in tourist revenue per year, and shows no signs of slowing down. 

5. Great Wall of China

Out of all the walls in history, the Great Wall of China is still one of the most popular. The unique beacon towers that attach the walls sets it apart from any other type of structure. After visiting this wall, it will feel like you’re transported back in time. 

6. Colosseum, Italy

One of the wonders that always gets people talking is the Colosseum in Italy. The ancient Romans were never shy about going all out with their designs, and this was one of the best. Built between 70-80 AD, this comes from a time that Hollywood loves to romanticize. 

7. Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

Being near a pyramid of this size is intimidating. Egyptian pyramids already have a reputation for being striking structures of beauty. But the Great Pyramid of Giza is surrounded by natural beauty that makes it stand out even more. It’s an amazing tribute to the craftmanship of that era that the pyramids are still unmatched in their design. 

8. Bagan, Myanmar, Burma

A lot of tourists have trouble pronouncing the name when they first arrive. By the end of the trip, the learn the pronunciation and more. Bagan is huge, and showcases some of the most impressive pagodas and temples in history. 

Wrap Up

Pictures don’t do these locations justice, especially when you consider the scale. The type of beauty they represent requires an in person viewing. That is why you should make a plan to see this history in its current form before time changes it forever.