A New Level of Convenience: The Rise of Smart Hotel Rooms

With the ever-increasing pace in which technology is taking off around the world and the most-welcomed introduction of smart technology, it was only a matter of time before smart technology was making its way into every area of the world and everything within it. Today, we’re going to be focusing on how this technology is currently revolutionising hotels and the travel industry.

Smart hotel rooms are popping up all over the place, and it’s completely changing the traveller experience. Below, we’re going to explore what these changes are and what we can expect in the future.

Innovated In-Room Entertainment

Let’s be honest, while in-room entertainment is never going to be the highlight feature of someone’s trip, in the moment of a vacation it plugs a hole and contributes massively to the experience the guest is having. However, in the past, this has been somewhat of a letdown due to a lack of channels and movies. 

To counter this, with the rise of Netflix, smart televisions, internet-enabled TVs and other streaming services, in-room entertainment has never been more entertaining, and more and more guests are looking into this as a key room requirement.

Controlling a Smart Room

Every aspect of a modern hotel room can now be controlled, whether you’re looking into the lighting, the temperature (heater or thermostat) and plenty of other sensors can be added and activated to only enhance the experience. From automatic lighting and custom settings and presets, the opportunities are endless here.

Improved Sustainability

An increasing number of travellers are becoming increasingly concerned about travelling sustainably and the effect their activities are having on the planet. To accommodate this, more hotels are becoming smarter by showing their guests the exact impact their stay is having in terms of electricity and water and use more smart technologies to lessen this impact, such as automatic light and gadget switch-off.

A Streamlined Experience

While in the past all the gadgets that we’ve spoken about above were probably controlled by individual switches located around the room, this is no longer the case since smart technology has put everything together, all in one place, so all gadgets and features of hotel rooms are easier to use than ever, typically on the remote control or iPad tablet.

Automated Tasks

Hand in hand with everything we’ve listed above, all these processes can be handled automatically, meaning the experience of the traveller and the hotel themselves is easier than ever. Whether you’re handling room payments, ordering food and drinks to the room, checking in and out from the room or even your mobile phone; this truly is the age of smart technology.


There’s no denying that smart technology is going to continue to improve our lives in so many ways, and they may not be an industry that is affected as much as the travel industry. While what’s available now may seem impressive, this is but a fraction of what we can expect in the future.