Enter Paradise: 7 Best Things to Do in Maui

Many couples, as well as families, believe one of the best vacations to take is to Hawaii. There is something for everyone to do in this beautiful state. The largest island, Maui, offers many activities for individuals, couples, and the entire family. Some of the best things to do in Maui come at little or no cost, like soaking up the sun on one of the white sandy beaches. There is also an abundance of delicious foods that can only be enjoyed while in Hawaii. 

Here are the 7 best things to do in Maui:

1. Learn the Hula

The ancient Hula is a Polynesian dance style that originated at the beginning of the Hawaiian Island formation. There are several different regional styles of Hula, each with its own music and moves. Visitors will be able to watch the Hula nearly every night, but should make arrangements for lessons early in the day. 

2. Molokini Crater Snorkeling

This is a unique and beautiful remains of a volcanic eruption that took place more than 200,000 years ago. It has become the perfect spot for snorkeling and scuba diving. You can reach this wonderful water spot by boat and you will be amazed at the colorful coral and bright fish that will swim alongside you. 

3. Explore a Bamboo Forest 

When traveling to Hana, be sure to pull off the road and walk along the Pipiwai Hiking Trail in the stunning Bamboo Forest. This is a tranquil way to calm the mind and get some steps on your tracking device. 

4. Spend the Night in a Yurt

Yurts are the ultimate in camping. These tent-like structures have been used by nomads from the Central Asians since the beginning of time. These unique housing options are available at the Luana Resort Spa in Hana. After a restful night in a Yurt, you have the option of a wide variety of spa treatments. 

5. Roadside Eats

Another attraction along the road to Hana is a long line of roadside food trucks located at Halfway to Hana. You and your family can indulge in everything from fresh seafood, fresh fruit smoothies to the most delicious banana bread on the planet.  

6. Wine Tasting

When you think of Hawaii, wines may not come to mind. But located in the town of Paia is the Tedeschi Winery. After a casual tour of the grounds, guests can sample an assortment of wines, each better than the last. And don’t forget the pineapple wine!

7. Become a Surfer

Learning to surf is probably on many individual’s bucket list, and what better place to learn and hone your surfing skills than on Maui? No doubt, the North Shore is the best place for beginners learning to surf. But don’t count out the experts, they enjoy the waves along this beach also. 

No matter when you plan your Hawaiian vacation, plan to spend several days on the big island of Maui. You and your family will enjoy all the activities, delicious foods, as well as non-active relaxing, this island has to offer.