Making Money on the Go: 10 Travel Jobs Every Traveler Should Try

There’s something alluring about traveling the world and experiencing its many cultures. But, sometimes our jobs get in the way. Luckily, there are lots of options for making money on the road. Travel jobs cover a wide range of areas. Let’s look at 10 options in case you want to switch jobs or careers.

Flight attendant

This is one of those old-school ways to travel and work. It’s still a great idea. Of course, air travel isn’t all glam and flight attending can involve long hours but there’s lots of time to explore.


If you’re looking to make a career out of travel, this is probably the ultimate job. The pay is generally good, especially if you’re flying internationally. If you love aviation and you don’t mind a very detail-oriented job, this could be great for you.

Travel nurse

If you’re already a nurse or you’re in training, you may want to consider nursing in a different country. Traveling nurses are in high demand and the pay is competitive. You are typically stationed in one area for three to six months. Your travel expenses and accommodation costs are usually covered by your employer.


Some countries require seasonal agricultural workers and some farms need help year-round. You can get a traditional work visa, use World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF), Workaway or similar programs. Options vary depending on which country you’re a citizen of and where you’re hoping to work.

House sitter or pet sitter

You may not get paid for this but you get free accommodation in often swanky homes. In exchange, you keep an eye on things, water the plants and feed the pets. It can be hard to get into this field but once you get some good reviews under your belt, it should get easier.

Au pair

If the thought of pets makes you cringe and you’d rather help a family take care of their little ones, this may be for you. You may get a stipend rather than a salary, but you get free accommodation and you may be able to eat the family’s meals. You can use your allowance to explore when you’re off duty.

Hostel worker

If you’ve ever stayed in a hostel, you’ll know lots of work goes into keeping them functioning. You can work the bar, clean up after fellow backpackers, lead tours or work at the reception. You may even end up doing more than one of these tasks. You might get a small wage along with free boarding and food.


The world is becoming increasingly content driven. Businesses and brands need website copy, blog posts, advertising materials, ebooks and more. If you love the written word and you produce excellent material, this is a great location-independent job. You can travel to anywhere that has a stable internet connection and work from your laptop. Pay varies depending on the client and the type of copy.

Virtual assistant

Busy professionals often pass off some of the more routine tasks to freelancers. They may need someone to draft emails, make travel arrangements, transcribe recordings or do research.


If you can work magic with a camera, why not take your show on the road? The obvious job is a travel photographer but you can get gigs shooting everything from entertainment to sports.

Traveling and working at the same time doesn’t have to be just something you dream about. If you think long and hard about your skillset and do your research, you can find your ideal travel job.