Safe Travels Start with a Good Plan: 10 Things to Keep in Mind Before Traveling Solo

When planning out a solo trip, most people focus on what sights they want to see, but it is important to think about other things like safety, transportation, and lodging. Depending on if you’re traveling throughout the country or overseas, it is important to make sure you’re prepared so you don’t run into any problems along the way. Here is a list of things you may want to consider before setting off on your trip.

  1.    Protect Your Important Documents

When traveling, it is important to make sure you have proper documentation, especially if you are travelling overseas. Make sure you have secure storage for your documents, as well as a digital copy of them. The digital copies could be pictures on your phone, a flash drive, or even sending them to your email address.  

  1.    Check the Weather

It may sound like an unimportant thing to check, but depending on weather conditions, some sites you may want to visit could be closed. It is a good idea to review the weather of the places you’re traveling so you won’t get stuck in poor weather conditions unprepared. This is especially important in areas that experience hurricane seasons.

  1.    Map Out Your Sightseeing Goals

Mapping out the places you intend to visit will enable you to figure out the most efficient method of transportation, so you won’t be spending most of your day travelling or waste far too much money on taxis.

  1.    Figure Out the Best Transportation

There may be many forms of transportation available where you are travelling, and usually people spend lots of money on transit while on vacation. Look for passes, or alternative transit that locals use in order to get around. It also might be good to talk with locals where you’re lodging to get better information.

  1.    Meeting People

Depending on where you’re lodging, you may be able to meet people. It is a good option to consider staying at a B&B because it will help you meet locals and you’ll be able to get good recommendations on places to visit. Finding group activities such as walking tours can be a great way to meet people as well!

  1.    Phone/laptop Usage

Make sure your phone plan will be useable wherever you are going on your trip. There are apps available that allow you to exclusively use Wi-Fi as the means for contact. Keeping a charger on you is also smart.

  1.    Travel Bags

Make sure your travel bags are properly secured. When leaving your hotel or B&B, it is wise to take only the necessities. Try to take as little as possible so that you don’t get worn out and so that you can better enjoy your trip without worrying about theft.

  1.    Food Makes Connections

Through eating out you are able to meet people and possibly from travel groups or your lodging you can invite others to eat out with you. Going to a café or bar, you are surrounded by locals and can meet people and make connections. Trying local cuisine with others is always a fun way to get to experience the local culture!

  1.    Emergency Contacts

Keep emergency contacts on your phone and keep them written down. In the event you lose your phone, you want to have the phone number of the place you are staying and the phone number of your close friends and family.

  1. Pack Lightly, but Thoroughly

When packing for a solo trip, make sure you pack as lightly as possible. It is better not to take a bunch of things you don’t need, because they could get lost and over time will get obnoxious to carry. Go with the basics and make sure you pack good walking shoes!

Traveling alone can be fun, but the most important thing you can do is make sure you are prepared. The more preparation you do, the smoother the trip will go, and the better memories you will have to look back on!