The Active Lifestyle: What Are the Best Vacation Sports for Athletes?

When choosing a vacation spot, you have many things to consider. If you have kids, you will likely gear the trip toward the younger audience. But if you – or your family – is active, you want to find a place that brings out your inner athlete while also providing relaxation.

The best vacation spots will meet all those criteria, and more! The world has so many places to explore. It can be overwhelming finding the perfect spot with so many options. Let’s narrow it down to a few destinations perfect for the athlete.

The Action Happens OUTSIDE of the Hotel

Many people make the mistake of spending too much time in the hotel room. Hotel rooms effortlessly provide the comfort of home, sometimes making it difficult to get out of the room and explore.

However, you didn’t travel to the far-off location just to stay indoors the entire time, did you? Half the battle of a successful vacation is convincing yourself to leave the comfy hotel bed. When you do, you’ll wonder what took you so long.

Studies show that vacations improve happiness. They can also kickstart your creativity when you get back to your job.

5 Vacation Spots For Active People

Some people go on vacation seeking an adrenaline rush from ziplining through forests or riding insane amusement park rides. However, others want that adrenaline rush without the near-death experience. In that regard, there are many vacation spots for the athletes among us. Here are five of the best.

1. Cycling the hills of France. Have you always dreamed of cycling the Tour de Force?  The Alpe D’Huez is part of the route of the famous cycling event. The challenging route is typically at the end of the race. Guided biking tours are available. As are less challenging routes.

2. Mountain climbing the Alps. The expansive Alps cover several countries in Europe. If cycling in France doesn’t interest you, perhaps mountain climbing the Alps of Italy will. The Dolomites in the Southern Limestone Alps are a popular destination for climbers.

3. Hiking the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon offers many hiking options. Guided tours are available for three-day hikes, as well as five-day hikes. Hikers set up camp in the Canyon’s bed. Hiking the Grand Canyon can also involve scaling up cliffs to reach other points. The hike takes a lot of endurance and mental strength.

4. Snorkeling in Iceland. Iceland is famous for its so-called “fire and ice” landscape. Along with glaciers, the country is a hotspot for volcanoes and hot springs. In addition to those sights, visitors can snorkel and scuba off the coasts of the northern nation.

5. Run the Great Wall of China Marathon. Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping like a good run. But running up steps of the 5,164 Great Wall of China is one of the toughest marathons in the world. Do you have what it takes to join the 2,000+ runners taking on the challenge?

Even Beaches Can Turn Athletic

With enough improvising, any vacation spot can be athletic. Even beaches. Sand isn’t easy to walk on, let alone run. Wherever you go, you’ll be giving your mind a break and hopefully return to ‘normal’ life refreshed and rejuvenated.