Traveling on a Budget: 7 Tried and Tested Tricks to Get Cheaper Flights

When you’re traveling on a budget, you need tried and tested tips and tricks to get cheaper flights so you can have more expendable cash while you’re away. Not to mention, life returns to normal once you return home. Check out these tips and save yourself more than you bargained for.

1. Travel Search Engines

Using travel search engines is a great idea to see multiple prices at the same time. And best of all, it can save you both time and money. By booking a hotel and car rental along with your flight, you can save more. 

2. Use a VPN

Disguising your Internet address is a great way to improve your flight cost options. Using a VPN or a very private network, makes your IP address appear to be wherever the server you are connected to is. When the airline doesn’t know where you are searching from, prices will likely reflect that. 

3. Layover Destination

You can make the inconvenience of a layover work to your advantage. Simply book a flight that has a layover in the city you want to visit and don’t make the connecting flight to the final destination. Just be sure not to check your baggage, as it will be designated to arrive at the scheduled destination. 

4. Book One-Way Tickets

It may be faster or easier to book a two-way ticket to your destination, but it may be more advantageous to book two one-way tickets. This gives you more flexibility in price. If your destination has multiple airports that aren’t an inconvenient distance from one another, you just might find some hidden savings in changing airports. 

5. Book a Red Eye

Unpopular flying times, such as those between midnight and 6 a.m., are often cheaper than those that depart during peak hours. The inconvenience of taking red-eye can make a very convenient difference to your pocket. 

6. Fly Unpopular Airlines

Of course, there are some names that are highly recognizable and quickly come to mind when you think about flying, but there are plenty of others. Just because the airline doesn’t receive top marks in popularity, that doesn’t mean that they offer substandard service or safety protocols. Smaller and local airlines will often have surprisingly affordable rates. This is especially true of overseas and foreign flights. 

7. Ditch the Non-Stop

It is easier to fly non-stop, but having a connecting flight doesn’t have to be an air travel nightmare. A flight with a layover is typically less expensive, so you can save money by spending a little time. If you want to make the most of a layover, look for one that is long enough for you to do a little sightseeing.

There are plenty of great ways that are sure to get you a better deal on your next flight, but you have to think outside of the box a little. Simple things like clearing your cookies and browsing in a new private tab or looking for a single seat instead of multiple seats can do a lot to drive your costs down. So get creative, and happy flying.