Traveling to Another Country? Don’t Leave Without Having These 10 Smartphone Apps Installed

There is nothing wrong with relying on a smartphone app when traveling. Android and iOS apps were built to help, no matter where you are in the world. The following list contains some of the best apps to use when traveling to another country. With a good smartphone, you’ll always have a better experience. 

10. Trail Wallet

Travel expense tracking apps will keep you from overspending. Trail wallet is one of the best, and lets you set a visible budget. All data collected by the app can be exported for further analysis. 

9. XE Currency

It’s mandatory to understand currency conversion when traveling to another country. The quickest way to go over your budget is by not realizing the value of your money. XE Currency handles the hard work while letting you enjoy the rest of your trip. 

8. Hopper

Instead of a normal flight search app, Hopper functions as a price prediction app. With hopper, you’ll get advice on when a current flight is under or overvalued. 

7. Duolingo

Learning a new language isn’t easy, and that is something that Duolingo takes into consideration. Instead of complicated lessons that take months to finish, Duolingo gives you specific travel related language tips. 


There is nothing revolutionary about the app, but it gets the job done. It acts as a companion to the larger website. The miniaturized version has all of the options of the website in a comfortable to use interface. 

5. Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the oldest apps on the list, but still one of the best. It broke the records with downloads for a reason. The GPS functions are perfect, and the review system does a great job of highlighting the best places to visit in the current country. 

4. Uber

While Uber and Lyft have similar ride prices, the Uber app has much better worldwide coverage. Finding a driver nearby is not a problem when using Uber. And if you need to upgrade, Uber Black is a surprisingly efficient way to ride in style. 

3. Google Translate

Need to translate on the fly? When convenience is all that you care about, Google Translate is a highly accurate way to handle language in real time. That includes voice, written and visual language taken by pictures.

2. Nord VPN

Some countries have laws in place to limit which websites you can visit. To get around that limitation, a VPN is required. Nord VPN is one of the best for this scenario, and it works without any complex customizations. 


Messaging apps have come a long way with Android and iOS systems. WhatsApp is particularly useful since it lets you call from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. When a smartphone plan seems to fizzle out in another country, use WhatsApp to keep in touch. 

Wrap Up

A lot of people would be lost without their smartphones. To transform a trip into something that you’ll remember, use the best apps available. Harnessing the power of your hardware requires pairing it with software that makes a difference.