Best Locations for Destination Wedding Ideas

Destination Wedding Ideas

Throughout the last decade, India has seen a shift in mindset among the younger crowd, who want to avoid the traditional big, fat Indian wedding in favour of something simpler and more idyllic. Nowadays, if given the option, most couples prefer to have their wedding in an exotic location, also known as a “Destination Wedding ideas.”

After all, it’s their special day, and they should spend this with the people who mean more to them – their families and good friends. People no longer want their entire neighbourhood and workmates and business partners to be a part of their private love celebration.

However, planning a destination wedding idea can seem daunting at first, but there are always remedies to everything! While you’re still deliberating, here are some compelling reasons whether you should hold your destination wedding ideas somewhere other than your backyard.

A destination wedding takes place more than 100 kilometres away from home – this means you can marry anywhere in the world!

Most large resorts provide complimentary wedding planning services with room for personalisation. You can save money on wedding planners and enjoy a free ‘in-house’ wedding planner at whatever resort or hotel you choose to stay at.

If you are trying to plan destination wedding ideas, read this post until the end to fully comprehend its aspects.

Here we go…….

The benefits of Destination Weddings Ideas

This post will go over the eight benefits of having a destination wedding.

1. A shift in mood (can be a vacation for everyone)

First and foremost, a destination wedding provides an excellent opportunity for an intimate family wedding. Intimate weddings are ideal for couples who want to keep their wedding simple. When you host a wedding in a distant location, you are forced to invite only those you feel close to.

2. Less costly

Have you ever wondered how much it costs to have destination wedding ideas? In Canada, the average wedding costs around $30,000 – enough for a down payment on a house!

Many resorts offer multiple tiers packages better for your guest count, including things like flowers, reception, music, room upgrade, and more, depending on the resort.

3. Reduced stress

Most people would assume that being far away from your wedding destination would make planning and spend more stressful, but this is not always the case.

Because destination wedding ideas venues are often aware that their location is popular with out-of-state couples, most of them provide pre-made wedding packages that include other vendors such as wedding planners, designed to cater, rentals, and more — all for one all-inclusive fee.

4. Inventive

Destination weddings have grown in popularity in recent years, and how many of your mates have had one?

Getting married away from home is a big deal for many people, especially for guests who don’t travel often. Even after 10 years, your guests must still talk about the wedding!

5. Uncomplicatedness

If the venue or destination you choose is already picturesque, there is less to plan or spend the money on because the decor can be kept simple! Allow the destination elements to shine through without making your wedding day any more complicated than necessary.

6. Recallable

A wedding ceremony is both a wedding and a vacation. For couples who enjoy travelling, it’s an excellent opportunity to strengthen your bond while exploring a new location and making long-lasting memories with family.

7. Spending more time with your guests

When you plan a destination wedding, you will have more one-on-one time with your guests than if you were planning a local wedding. Because most (if not all) of your guests will reach their destination at least a day or two well before the ceremony and will have no obligations to return to, you will have more time to spend with them. A destination wedding is an excellent way of spending more relaxing time with the most important people to you.

8. Spend a significant amount of time with your partner

When you organise a wedding in one’s town, your family members become engrossed in wedding-related activities.

Your parents will continue to attend to wedding guests, listen to complaints, make arrangements, etc. This makes them antsy, and they barely have time to enjoy their children’s wedding. Hosting a marriage ceremony in a distant location allows them to relax.

What type of Destination Wedding do you want?

Choosing the right venue is not an easy task. So, to get you started with the process of shortlisting, here are amongst the most common types of destination weddings available!

1. A Hotel

Hotels are among the first options that millennial to-be-wed couples consider, and the main reason for this is convenience. They frequently have a capacity ranging from 50 to 5000 guests. If you choose to have your marriage ceremony at a hotel, the package may include lodging, food, transportation, and some hotels may offer more than one ballroom or hall.

2. Wedding Gardens

Marriage gardens are popular among couples who want to host a small wedding.

Most marriage gardens allow you to decorate them according to your preferences and convenience. If your celebration guest list is limited to 500 people (approximately), a marriage lawn is an excellent choice.

3. A Farmhouse

The farmhouse wedding venue is the most enjoyable of all the wedding venues available. With the look and feel of a venue, it frequently becomes a mini destination wedding. Marriage lawns and country houses are often located on the city’s outskirts but are ideal for couples who plan to host over 1000 guests at one‘s wedding.

4. Personal Possessions

Many couples choose private properties to host their wedding because they have a beautiful backyard or terrace that can accommodate all of your guests on the final list while also looking stunning when decked out with lovely fairy lights and other decor items. It could be a relative or your parents. These wedding venues are frequently chosen by couples who want to host small, informal gatherings.

5. Golf Courses

Golf clubs are opulent wedding locations with lush rugs of beautifully groomed grass to walk on. Apart from the panoramic view that will provide you with the best wedding photos, these facilities usually offer elegant interiors and white-glove service from such a team of professionals.

Before falling in love with a private facility, we recommend learning about the requirements. Golf course weddings typically have seating plans for 300 guests, but withstanding space, these venues can accommodate 1000 or more guests.

6. Palaces and Fortifications

The palace or garrisons can be your lovely wedding venue if you want it to be straight out of a fairytale, with your groom riding in on a white horse to move you off your feet. Weddings at a palace or a fort are becoming the next big thing for millennial couples, similar to Priyanka and Nick Jonas’ grand wedding at the Umaid Bhawan Palace.

7. Beaches and Islands

Beaches are a great wedding venue for couples who want sand beneath their feet and a salty breeze in their hair while taking their pheras with magnificent turquoise water in the background. The beaches are beautiful, but several independent islands are available for your perfect destination wedding ideas venue. 

How to plan a Destination wedding

If you think a destination wedding could be proper for you, here are some tips to help with planning.

Set your wedding budget—Having a budget is essential for planning any type of wedding but especially for destination weddings. Consider the upper limit you can afford to spend and the specific costs you’ll need to budget.

Plan the guest list—Choosing guests for a destination wedding is crucial because you need to know how many people will attend. So think about whom you most want to hear and who is most likely to be able to come.

Evaluate the destination—You may have a dream place in mind, but you should stop considering it. What will the weather be like when you plan to visit? Are there any travel restrictions to or from that destination wedding ideas? How easy will it be for guests to get there?

Apply travel points and miles—If you have travel points or miles you’ve accumulated from one or more rewards credit cards, consider the best way to use them to get maximum value. For example, they may be worth more when booking airfare or hotels than if you use them for rental cars.

Consider travel or wedding insurance—Buying travel and wedding insurance could give you some peace of mind if you’re worried about potentially losing money due to circumstances beyond your control.

Popular Locations for Destination wedding ideas

Here are 5 destinations across the globe to consider for your upcoming celebration.

1. Montage Beverly hills

The 5,000-square-foot Montage Terrace is the ideal spot for a sunny alfresco ceremony. With inlaid tile patterns, Mediterranean architectural touches, and a dramatic view of the lush Beverly Canon Gardens, this place will make saying your vows a magical experience. The Montage has two elegant ballrooms and a glass-enclosed rooftop dining room where you can join guests to celebrate your marriage.

2. Puglia, Italy

Puglia, a southern region forming the heel of Italy’s “boot,” is known for its whitewashed hill towns, centuries-old farmland, and miles of Mediterranean coastline. “The best part about Puglia is its variety in scenery and styles for weddings. 

3. Turkey

Famous for its rich history, culture, and incredible scenery, Istanbul “can be so much more exciting for an active group than a beach destination,” says Marcy Blum of Marcy Blum Associates. There are many things to do for guests that have travelled far, and there are so many artisans to work with when it comes to creating a one-of-a-kind wedding experience.

4. London

With world-class facilities, available international air links, and an unparalleled selection of unique venues—from 5-star luxe hotels to medieval and royal palaces, London offers a truly unique experience for a destination wedding. “In terms of style, finesse, and authentic 21st-century glamour, our vendors have experience at the very highest end of the spectrum. Having worked on weddings for A-list royals, state banquets for Her Majesty the Queen, and unique celebrations for the world’s leading international families,”

5. Jaipur

Many of the top wedding destinations in India have considered this architecturally prosperous capital city. And there is no reason why Jaipur should not be chosen; after all, the city is replete with options of fantastic wedding venues that make sure that each wedding is unforgettable, of course, in a pleasant way.

Beach Destination Weddings 

1. Goa

The wedding resorts in Goa are all highly-priced, given the influx of tourists, and it stands as the most favoured destination wedding location in India. All the lists below are mentioned for a 100-people wedding and a 2-day celebration. Tweaking these two can vary the cost of your celebration.

2. Bali

Bali is an extraordinary location for a wedding. A destination wedding in Bali is well worth it—it’s a lush and verdant location and well off the beaten path. But “one thing to keep in mind is that it requires almost 24 hours of travel time from New York City,” notes Lisa Vorce. Bali’s rainy season is from October to April, so you must have weather backups (i.e., a tent instead of open space.). “One of my favourite things about Bali is the Rain Stoppers, who perform a ritual with incense and fire that creates smoke, believed in pushing the rain clouds away,” Vorce adds.

3. The Maldives

The Maldives is home to some of the best beaches globally, making it a dream spot for a destination wedding, especially considering its exceptional backdrop of glistening waters and swaying palm trees.

4. Andaman and Nicobar 

With the natural coral reefs, the clear turquoise blue waves, and the white sandy shore, terms Andaman and Nicobar Islands are an ideal destination choice for beach wedding venues. The exotic locations on these islands can make your wedding a memorable one by simply picking out the best options.

Things to consider when choosing a destination wedding location 

1. Start with your passion

Make a list of all your potential destination wedding ideas, literally a list. Make a list of everything you want your special day to be. Take your partner’s hand and make them do the same.

Does it include a flower-filled garden? Is it inside? Mountains covered in snow? On the ski slopes? Perhaps a secluded island or a charming tiny vineyard in Napa?

Is anyone there? How does it appear? What time does it happen? Is there a large crowd or only a few?

The answers to these questions all impact what type of destination and venue is right for you. It all boils down to you.

2. Budget

Don’t worry; I used to wince as well. We all despise this word, but the truth hurts, and if you’re like me and enjoy wine, I want to make sure you’re not living on a beer budget—if you know what I’m saying. Most people will tell you that this is the first step, but it isn’t. You get to dream first, then figure out how much that dream will cost you. The cost of a wedding event varies, but it will typically fall into the same category as a traditional wedding.

3. Check the weather

Guess it depends on where you want to marry; the weather may impact your #TheBestDayEver. Example: As we narrow down our options, you decide on a tropical ritual in the Bahamas in AUGUST…. sounds good, but users forgot to check the weather!

Remember that depending on the month you select, it may play a significant role in your wedding, which may affect your location. It can be challenging to determine whether it is cold enough to go snow pipework or warm enough to get married on the beach.

4. Packages

While allocating a specific portion of the budget to your venue is not a science, it has been observed that event space fees range from $2,500 to $30,000, depending on the location. The average couple allocates approximately 10-15% on average. “However, if the venue includes that anywhere, it could be up to 20% or more.”

5. Transport

Many of us overlook travel time and distance. Do you have guests who will have to change planes multiple times, catch a boat, and then fly across two countries to attend your wedding?
That’s not the way you would like to start your wedding. Consider everything related to travel. Jet lag is accurate, and guests will not appreciate it.
Is your poor 80-year-old grandmother, who needs assistance getting through the airport, going to recognise that 10-hour flight? Or, more notably, do you want to make that journey on your own?

6. Backup plan

” If you aren’t using a wedding planner, you should confirm a cancellation policy if anything happens to the venue before the big day, especially if you’re getting married in an area prone to natural disasters like hurricanes, forest fires, or blizzards. It’s much less severe, but you should still verify a venue’s ability to execute a rain plan properly. In other words, does your venue have one in case of an emergency?


Wedding season is quickly approaching, and it is one of the most promising and vital events in your life. The day does not repeat itself in anyone’s life, and all you have left is a sweet memory of this marvellous day. Couples will miss all rituals of this day in the future. It becomes critical to make this event successful. Weddings, particularly in India, are meticulously planned, with no detail overlooked to make the occasion even more memorable.