How To Pack A Suitcase Like A Pro: Tips And Tricks

Pack a suitcase

Going out for a trip and having a vacation is fun, but what happens when you forget to pack your toothbrush? Or your favourite t-shirt? Or anything essential? By chance, you packed everything in your bag. Now the airport says it weighs more than the required limit. Will you pay the baggage fee? That’s why packing a suitcase beforehand without making it overweight is essential.

The Importance of Suitcase Organization

Having our essentials organized helps us find them easily. When you urgently require something, you immediately know where to find it without spending an hour looking for it. Plus, keeping your stuff ordered allows more space to add more items without using another bag. 

Choosing the Right Suitcase

Before traveling, you must choose the right size for your suitcase. Some airlines have specified the maximum size of luggage. Some of the specified sizes are as follows:

  • Ryanair: Suitcase size should be 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm
  • British Airways: Hand luggage size should be 56 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm
  • Vueling: Hand luggage size should be 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm
  • Easyjet: Suitcase sizes should be 56 x 45 x 25 cm

If you’re vacationing with your family, choose bags of unique colors to differentiate each bag from other family members. Cheap suitcases may not always handle the abuse of baggage carousel. Therefore, choose carefully. 

Tips and Tricks on How to Pack a Suitcase

Now that we have learned the importance of packing a suitcase, let us discuss some tips and tricks on packing a suitcase.

1. Using Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are flexible containers used for packing luggage. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be waterproof too. Packing cubes are handy for three reasons:

  1. They free up a lot of space: You can put in as much as you want, zip and seal.
  2. Keep clothes wrinkle-free: If you roll your clothes inside a packing cube and fit them tightly, your clothes will remain wrinkle-free. It is also an alternative for people who don’t have an iron. 
  3. Keeps your suitcase organized: Packing cubes free up a lot of space in your luggage bag that wouldn’t have been available if you kept their stuff haphazardly. They come in all shapes. You can pack your clothes in a medium-sized cube and small items in a small cube. 

2. Roll your Clothes to Save Space

Tightly roll your clothes in a shape of a log. Place each piece on top of the other. And voila! You save space and get wrinkle-free garments. The rolling method works well for sweaters, t-shirts, and pants. Use a wardrobe bag if you carry business clothes like a shirt and coat. The rolling style doesn’t work for business attires and thick garments prone to wrinkles. 

Lay the thick coats and suits flat at the bottom of the suitcase. 

3. Utilize Unused Space for Suitcase Organization

Shoes take up a lot of space. So put the socks or anything small inside the shoes. If you have a belt and a collared shirt, roll the belt inside the collar. It will keep the collar in shape and also free up space.

You can also wrap your clothes around breakable items to act as a cushion. Use compression bags to remove any excess air while sorting clothes. 

It is a holistic approach to place the smaller items after you have packed the larger ones. Take multi-purpose accessories. (example: a piece of jewelry you can wear with different clothes)

Line up the bra cups on top of each other and fold the bra from the middle. You can store a small item on the cup. It is another convenient way of using unused space.

You can also use hats to store small items. 

4. Use Travel-sized Items

Use small bottles to store your hair oil, body oil, and shampoo if you’re traveling for a short period. You can buy travel-sized items like towels, silicon water bottles, etc.

5. Choose Multi-purpose Items

As I have already mentioned, Multi-purpose items save space. Instead of taking 6 pairs of shoes, take 3 that you can wear with any clothing (One for formal occasions, one for parties, and one for casual occasions). You can use snap-lock bags if you are prone to lose small items, store dirty laundry and use them as compression cubes. 

You can use your purse to store cosmetics instead of bringing in another bag for it.

6. Pack Lightweight Clothes

Taking light-weight clothes reduces the weight of the luggage. You won’t have to worry about paying extra at the airport for your suitcase. Choose clothes you’ll be able to wear without washing more than once. Take more clothes of neutral colour as you can mix and match with other garments. 

7. Pack the Essentials Only

It goes without saying. Packing unnecessary items will increase the weight of your luggage and clutter your suitcase. You may not find the thing you need amid the junk. Make a list of the essential items before you start packing. Stick to the list. If you’re planning to shop a lot during your vacation, take half the clothes you’ve packed. You’ll be able to bring more in your suitcase when you return.

8. Do Not forget to pack Toiletries 

Pack toiletries in a sealed bag/Dopp kit. There will be no fear of liquid leaking out on the plane. How do you choose the appropriate Dopp kit?

  • Dopp kits come in various shapes and sizes. Choose one made of plastic. The transparency will let you make sure that everything’s in place. You can use the ones you can unroll and hang in the bathrooms. (if you have a place to hang it!)
  • Take a small bag that doesn’t take up much space. Square Dopp bags take the least space. Don’t take bulky bags either.

These are the 8 tips on how to pack a suitcase. You can try more variations and see what suits you.