10 Amazing Things to Do in Costa Rica: The Ultimate Bucket List

Ziplining in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a Central American country bordered by Nicaragua to the north, Panama to the southeast, the Pacific Ocean to the west, and the Caribbean Sea to the east. 

It is famous for its natural beauty, biodiversity, and progressive environmental policies. San José, the country’s capital city, is a great place to start your exploration of Costa Rica. From dense rainforests to volcanic peaks and sandy beaches, there are plenty of things to do in Costa Rica. In addition to its natural attractions, Costa Rica is also home to a number of vibrant and culturally rich towns. 

How to get around Costa Rica – Transportation Tips (Costa Rica Travel tips)

Choosing a vehicle-and-driver service recommended by the hotel is a viable choice than renting a car just because it lets you see the nation’s landscape without having to navigate challenging roads. 

1) Bus

  • Cheapest option
  • Reliable and operates on a daily timetable
  • Slow. It will take hours to reach the destination. The journey from San José to the Osa Peninsula on the South Pacific Coast takes around nine hours.
  • Public buses connect San José to significant sites such as Manual Antonio, Jacó, and Monteverde safely and cost-effectively.
  • Gray Line has multiple daily services from San José to popular tourist destinations such as Manual Antonio, La Fortuna, and Jacó, with fares ranging from $40 to $80 each way. They also give other exciting offers!

2) Taxi

  • Most efficient option
  • The rate in the cities is $2, and a $2 per mile surcharge. 
  • Taxis raise their prices after 10 p.m. 
  • Uber available
  • Taxis are often red. However, they may be orange near the airport. 
  • The rate of a cab journey from Juan Santamaria International Airport to San José ranges between $20 and $30.

3) Car-and-Driver Service

  • You will have the pleasure of traveling on your schedule to Costa Rica’s best tourist attractions.
  • The shared shuttle is more efficient than public transportation.
  • Ask your hotel for guidance

4) Plane

  • Flights are swift, inexpensive, and numerous.
  •  Prices start at $60 depending on the destination.

The Adventurous Things to do in Costa Rica

1) Explore the rainforest

Costa Rica is home to a diverse number of environmental attractions. You may visit a coastline, a waterfall, a natural reserve, a bird sanctuary, a volcano, and a tropical rainforest in one day! This country boasts many national parks, protected areas, animal refuges, and a diverse range of flora and fauna because of its rainforests. Monteverde Costa Rica is the must to-go place if you are a fan of hiking. They are the reason why there’s such a diverse range of species and hiking routes. Costa Rica’s ecology supports six different types of forests. Just a few examples are Manuel Antonio, the Osa Peninsula, Monteverde, and Tortuguero.

 2) Take a surfing lesson

Costa Rica is one of Central America’s safest social situations. Every year, the number of international surfers visiting Costa Rica outnumbers the country’s population, earning approximately $350 million in revenue. A popular, laid-back surf area with a river mouth nestled in a broad harbor. Playa Tamarindo offers year-round steady waves and a lengthy stretch of white sand. It is one of Costa Rica’s top waves. A spectacular surf breaks ten kilometers south of Tamarindo that is capable of handling the waves. Little Hawaii, River Mouth, Palo Seco, Lola’s, and La Purruja are among the five-wave peaks that make it ideal for all levels of surfers. 

Costa Rica Scuba Diving is available, where you may witness whale sharks, manta rays, dolphins, sea turtles, and the rare humpback whale. 

3) Check out a Coffee plantation tour

The Central Valley is home to many plantations. Poás Volcano, Tres Rios, Naranjo, Alajuela, and Tarraz are just a few places where you may discover them. While each plantation is a little different, they all provide the same essential services. Expect to be taken on a guided tour of the whole farm and its amenities while visiting a plantation. The coffee specialist who takes you on a tour of the facility will discuss the history of coffee in the nation, the plantation’s history, and how it runs daily, including how plants are cultivated. 

4) Go bird watching

Costa Rica is a birdwatcher’s dream and with a legitimate purpose! It is home to a diverse range of tropical birds as the Americas’ linking bridge. Few areas on the planet can boast of having such a diverse range of bird species. There are almost 850 of them. Monteverde Cloud Forest, Carara National Park, La Selva Biological Station, Rancho Naturalista, Santa Juana, and other places are famous among birdwatchers.

5) Visit a volcano

Visiting a volcano is a must-do when it comes to things to do in Costa Rica. There are around 60 extinct or dormant volcanoes in the nation, including six actively alive. There are a variety of activities themed around their imposing and majestic heights. The heat from magma that has risen near to the surface has created hot springs with mineral water that is popular with spa folks. You must see a volcano in Costa Rica if you are thinking about taking a trip there. Arenal Volcano, Poás Volcano, Rincón de la Vieja Volcano, Irazu Volcano, and more magnificent volcanoes are the tourist attractions one must visit when in Costa Rica. 

6) Relax on the beach

Costa Rica’s beaches are diversified, with unique and varying characteristics, thanks to its extensive shoreline. A gorgeous white sand paradise flanked by palm palms, volcanic black sand, or naturally rough beach coves protected by tropical vegetation will entice beachgoers. Some of the country’s well-known beaches are Manuel Antonio Beach, Tamarindo Beach, Conchal Beach, Dominical Beach, Costa Ballena (Whale Coast), Nacascolo Beach, Montezuma Beach, and Samara Beach. So, relaxing on one of these beaches comes on the top of the things to do in Costa Rica list.

7) Visit Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio has a well-deserved reputation as one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful destinations. Going to Manuel Antonio National Park is one of the top ones on the list of things to do in Costa Rica. A bustling resort, located just north of a national park, which has a rainforest abounding with monkeys. The palm trees provide a welcome respite from the condos, clubs, discos, hotels, and restaurants that surround the park. Aside from the beautiful beaches, Manuel Antonio has many kilometers of well-kept paths that provide the easiest access to the lowland rainforest in Costa Rica. 

8) Take a zipline/Canopy Tour

If you are wondering why you would want to climb to the top of a tree only to gaze around, keep in mind that the topmost levels of the trees are home to 90% of Costa Rican animals and 50% of plant species. Ziplining is one of the most exciting things to do in Costa Rica if you enjoy it. A zipline adventure may be enjoyed by almost everyone. You will be strapped into a harness and hooked to a strong rope as you fly into the rainforest canopy, getting a bird’s eye view of the bustling forest below.

Here is a funny video for you to see. 


9) Whitewater rafting on the Pacuare River

Pacuare Lodge is a place where you may relax and unwind. Experience the thrills of exhilarating rapids running through steep gorges and luscious tropical rainforests on one of the world’s most unique and spectacular rivers. This exhilarating journey takes you through class III and IV rapids, past breathtaking scenery, beneath falling waterfalls, and to Siquirres. The excursion to Pacuare Lodge takes around 5 hours, depending on the river’s water level. All you’ll need is a t-shirt and a pair of shorts or a swimming suit.

Rafting at this site usually costs roughly $100 per person. 

10) Everyone in Corcovado National Park

The only remaining wet forest in Central America’s Pacific is Corcovado National Park. Although the landscape is rainy, isolated, and steep, the paths are typically decent. Baird’s Tapirs, Jaguars, Scarlet Macaws, Harpy Eagles, and Red-backed squirrel monkeys are among Costa Rica’s most peaceful and well-protected species. 

What to bring back from Costa Rica

1) Coffee

Costa Rica produces some of the best coffee, so you must bring some back. Coffee is also the easiest to buy in Costa Rica because it is available everywhere. A coffee tour is required to obtain the best Costa Rican coffee. You will be able to buy coffee straight from the plantation, which is advantageous since, believe it or not, the majority of the coffee grown in Costa Rica is exported to other countries exclusively. Instead of selling their best coffee to local stores, most coffee growers export it, so you can only get the best at their estate. 

2) Chocolate

A visit to Costa Rica’s cocoa industry will educate you about the world’s favorite dessert’s heritage and manufacturing.

You’ll discover how the Costa Rica cocoa seed is transformed into the delectable treat you are familiar with–and you will even get to try some!

Cacao beans are the foundation of chocolate. The indigenous people of Costa Rica believed these beans to be holy. You do not have to feel bad about indulging in a chocolate tour in Costa Rica. Cacao, contrary to popular belief, is considered a healthful superfood. Raw cacao is very healthy. The south Caribbean and Puerto Viejo are the regions where the majority of cacao is produced. 

3) Bamboo Clothing

Stores at Jaco Beach, Marina Pez Vela, Tamarindo, Playa Manuel Antonio, and Hotel Divisamar in Manuel Antonio provide clothing and gifts inspired by nature. Home of the Original Costa Rica Dirt Shirt: an organic cotton and hemp shirt hand-colored with natural materials for gorgeous rustic tones. Bamboo T-shirts and tank tops for men, women, and children are available.

 4) Handmade art & jewelry made

As we can see, this land is brimming with natural beauty from every perspective. Its diverse culture encompasses far more than simply scenic views. People in this county are incredibly talented and artistic. Costa Rica is known for the boho jewelry it produces.

The majority of their jewelry is sold in other countries. Their style is well-known around the world. 

5) Cacique Guaro – Costa Rica’s national liquor

Costa Rican Guaro is distilled alcohol. Guaro is a hard but somewhat sweet liquor made from sugar cane juice. It has a significant alcohol level, colorless, and has a strong but slightly sweet flavor. Few people drink this liquor pure, preferring to combine it with fruit juice or soda. Cacique Guaro is the typical Costa Rican drink, whether served chilled, over ice, blended with fruit juice, or grapefruit-flavored Fresca. Because it is not widely accessible abroad, it is one of the must-try beverages for every tourist of enthusiasm and desire.


If you are considering a vacation to Costa Rica, we have covered everything you need to know. The breathtaking grandeur of nature, entertaining activities, magnificent beaches, and a plethora of other attractions will all pique your interest. That is all there is to it! If you read the whole article, you will get to know all about things to do in Costa Rica.

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