5 Amazing Places to Take the Family That Are Open After COVID-19

Although the quarantine isn’t exactly over people are still itching to go on vacation. There’s this driving need to get away and relax so that we can start to feel human again after staying inside for so long.

Instead of trying to figure out where to go, here are the top five destination spots that people are leaning towards once travel restrictions have been lifted and people can start flying again.

Disney World

Nothing is more magical than a Disney World vacation, especially if you have children. It’s definitely a place people can escape to and pretend that the magic is real.

Disney World locations have slowly been opening up for the past few weeks, though you should still exercise some caution if you’re attending on a crowd-heavy day. Even though facilities are open, you should still wash your hands and bring hand sanitizer with you.


Italy was one of the hardest-hit countries during the pandemic. With deaths tolling almost 9,000, the economy and government of Italy are really struggling to stay afloat. It’s going to need tourism more than ever to get back on its feet.

Of course, you’re probably already well aware how much of a tourist destination Italy is, with all of its rich historic sites, culture, and wonderful food it can offer.


China has probably suffered the most from the pandemic because it was the place of origin. This has led to a lot of xenophobic and racist responses, with many people ruling the country out of their travel plans altogether.

But with the health scare going away, China has plenty of rich culture to offer and wonderful sites to see, including the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City. Get in some great food as well, but still stay safe by observing their rules on washing your hands and social distancing.

South Korea

Another country that has been greatly affected by the pandemic is South Korea. With the heightened xenophobia of China being attached to any and every Asian country, South Korea has lost a lot of money and business as well.

Consider a trip to South Korea to help its economy boom again by visiting the eclectic shopping district of Myeong-Dog or visit the 600-year-old Bukchon Hanok Village.


If you want to be immersed in a country’s deep and rich history, put Israel at the top of your list. Sadly, a corrupt government has made it almost impossible to keep the numbers of infected persons down, leading to a high toll of deaths in the country.

Hopefully, a change can be made soon to reverse the effects of the pandemic and get the country open again so that tourism can help Israel to get back on its feet.

It’s not enough that people are going stir crazy by protesting about the use of facemasks, but the lack of travel means that enterprises like airlines and tourist-based countries are starting to suffer from the pandemic as well.

As always, don’t give up your sanitation routine just because you’re on vacation. Wash your hands, wear a mask when in crowded areas, and always seek medical attention if you’re starting to feel ill.