From Nomadic to Vegan: Flavored Hotels Are Now a Rising Trend

Cultural sights and famous tourist destinations will always be popular among travelers. But more and more, the focus is on creating an individual, original experience. At-home, away from home, if you will. 

Almost 300 billion of the 1 trillion dollars in travel expenses last year was spent on food and food services. That entails anything from room service and in-house restaurants to local hole-in-the-wall diners. The stats are clear: a large portion of trips are spent eating. 

Food As a Travel Decision

Some cities, such as New York City, are well-known for having a wide variety of different flavors. Even the pizza has a certain flair that makes trying ‘New York-style pizza’ an item on the itinerary, right along with visiting the Statue of Liberty. 

In the past, travelers would pick a destination and then worry about food options once they arrived. However, in modern times, the food itself can be the destination. The popularity of local breweries and craft beers helps boost local tourism, including hotels. 

Flavored Hotels Are a Growing Trend

There are accommodations for every type of traveler. The no-frills motels along deserted highways. The upscale hotels with Michelin-starred restaurants. There is a concept for everyone. Flavored hotels fill that niche of food lovers who want to experience local cuisine while supporting local businesses. 

Flavored hotels strive to offer authentic food for a variety of cultures while also promoting local flavors. In addition to food, local wineries and breweries are featured in the hotel’s restaurants and room service. 

Other Food Trends to Watch in 2020

Flavored hotels are just one of the many growing food trends in 2020. The increasing awareness of plant-based diets and plant-based meats is revolutionizing the food and beverage industry. No longer are vegans on the outside of restaurants’ windows, looking in. Not only do they now have a seat at the table, they’re at the head of the table.

Plant-based foods had their day in the spotlight in 2019. The next big food movement belongs to the pea. Plant-based burgers and other meats are typically made from soy or whey protein. Pea protein is the latest extract used to give vegans an alternative to the nomadic meat-based burger. 

Another aspect of the ingredients in food is having its moment, too. Functional foods, that is foods naturally loaded with healthy vitamins and minerals, are moving into the mainstream as more people focus on healthy eating. Drinks packed with calcium and foods rich in probiotics are examples of functional foods.

But the real breakout star of the ‘20s is craft beers. Ironically, in the other ‘20s, alcohol was prohibited but in the new millennium, it is embraced to the point where local breweries almost outnumber wineries in the Finger Lakes region in Upstate New York. 

Travelers Crave an Authentic Experience

With many travelers eschewing hotels for short-term house rentals, the hotel industry is stepping up their game to compete by focusing on the local culture and cuisine. 

The modern traveler is looking for an authentic, homegrown experience. Flavored hotels provide that experience without guests needing to leave the premises.