Lake Merritt Travel Tips: 6 Best Things to Do Around

Lake Merritt is one of the best places to visit. Since things are getting back to something resembling normal in the world, many families are planning summer getaways. You might want to consider a visit to Oakland, California, and the Lake Merritt area.

There are many varied things to do around lake merritt for individuals as well as families and groups of friends. Here are just 5 awesome things to do around lake merritt:

1. Boating

You and your family can enjoy the lake up close and personal by renting a canoe, kayak, paddleboat, windsurfing board, or sailboat for the day or week. The lake offers the perfect water for experienced boaters as well as beginners. In addition to various seaworthy vessels, there are life jackets of every size for all who take on a water voyage.

2. Children’s Fairyland

Bring children of every age, especially the younger ones, to enjoy different nursery rhymes come to life with interactive storytimes, build-your-own-puppet, write letters to fairies and elves, as well as different activity sheets and coloring books. This fairyland also includes rides like the Wonder-go-Round, Anansi’s Magic Web, Jolly Trolly, and the Flecto Carousel.

3. Taste of The Lake

Included in things to do around Lake Merritt is the many different and delicious places to enjoy good food. From large brunch offerings, to comfort foods and kinds of seafood, the restaurant area of Lake Merritt is highly recommended for everyone. There are unique appetizers, a large selection of beers, and other drinks, in addition to patio seating that reaches out over the lake for a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

4. Lakeside Park

The water isn’t the only thing drawing adventure seekers to the area. Lake Merritt is one of the largest saltwater lakes in the country and includes a 122-acre park to explore. There is an abundance of things to do and see in the park-like formal gardens and wildlife. There are paths and trails for walkers and hikers, and those on bicycles.

5. Shopping

Other things to do around lake merritt include shopping. There is a store for everyone in the shop district. From foods and spices, and artisan chocolates, to designer and unique clothing, spending a day at the shops near the lake is a must for the entire family. There is also a bottle shop that offers different mixology lessons and ways to incorporate distinctive spirits into your home entertaining.

6. The Rotary Nature Center and Waterfowl Refuge

This organization is charged with protecting and maintaining the lake area. It also offers a science presentation on the natural and environmental elements of the area. There is a summer camp for youth and an explanatory museum featuring freshwater ponds, different habitat islands, a working beehive, and the Lake Merritt Wildlife Refuge that assists and cares for different local wildlife. There is also a beautiful garden center that contains a small beach area, grassy knolls to explore, and a lovely Bonsai Garden area housing some of the cute and tiny trees in a variety of shapes.

When you are planning a trip, look at the many things to do around lake merritt or a weekend or longer getaway.