Rainbow Mountain Peru: 6 Things You Should Know Before Visiting

Rainbow Mountain Peru

Intrepid explorers often have Rainbow Mountain Peru on their bucket list. If you’re one of the few who are able to turn this dream into a reality and visit Vincunca, there are a few things you should know.

From the altitude difference to the elevation of the hike, the mountain and surrounding area are challenges to be conquered. In order to make the most of your trip, be sure to follow these six tips as you prepare for your visit.

Rainbow Mountain Peru Prep

The beauty of the area makes Rainbow Mountain Peru worth every obstacle it takes to get there. The alpaca that roam throughout nature and the vivid colors of the peak are unlike any other location in the world. This now-popular natural attraction can best be explored with these preparations:

  1. Know the costs. Depending on whether you go with a group or on your own, the costs to explore Rainbow Mountain vary. A day trip with a group would include your meals, but on your own, you’ll have to provide those. Additionally, you will need to bring oxygen and water. Multiple-day treks range from $250 – $800 per person with a guide.
  2. Pack your clothes carefully. If you’re going for a day, make sure to layer your clothing. It will start out cold in the morning and warm up as you get used to the weather and the sun comes out. But it will continue to get cooler throughout the day, so thermal and wool clothing that can be removed and added are the best options. Overnighters should prepare for very cold temperatures.
  3. Consider your trip’s timing. Some places can be accessed any time of year. Peru, on the other hand, has extreme weather you’ll want to avoid. Peru’s rainy season lasts from December to April. During this time, snow, rain, and extreme cold make the hike extra difficult. Plan to go during the dry season, which is typically May through October.
  4. Be cautious of the atmosphere. If you head to Peru and go straight to Rainbow Mountain, it may be hard to get used to the altitude. Your better bet is to take a few days to explore the area, staying in Machu Picchu, Cusco, and Sacred Valley. You’ll enjoy the culture as you acclimate your body to the higher altitudes.
  5. Pack water and salty snacks. On any hike, staying hydrated is essential. Pack lots of water and plan ahead for where you’ll be able to get refills, if possible. Add salty snacks to your backpack and eat them frequently. You’ll be burning lots of calories and if you don’t have enough salt, hyponatremia is a serious concern.
  6. Prepare toiletries. While there are some very basic latrines occasionally on the trail, for the most part, you’ll be on your own. Make sure you have eco-friendly toiletries. Wear sunscreen and reapply periodically throughout the day.

Exploring Rainbow Mountain Peru is an experience you’ll never forget. When you’re ready for a breathtaking adventure off the beaten path, use these tips to prepare for your trip!