Magnolia Plantation and Gardens: America’s Tradition-Packed Plantation That Opened Its Doors to the Public In 1870

American history is the gift that keeps on giving. Magnolia Plantation and Gardens is a South Carolina favorite that has transformed from a simple plantation to a full-blown tourist attraction. It’s not the most traditional attraction, but it is one of the most beautiful spots in Charleston.


Built in 1850, the Magnolia Plantations and Gardens eventually earned its historic context through local notoriety.  Reverend John Grimke-Drayton inherited the property in the 1840’s and began to add improvements. One of those first improvements was the gardens, and that’s where a good portion of the rich history started. 

What started out as an 1872-acre plantation has grown into a 390-acre plot of land. Major upgrades throughout the years have made this location one of the most talked about in South Carolina. Developed with an old school English style, the Magnolia Plantations and Gardens still retains its classic look. 


When setting up itineraries, cost will always be a factor. Magnolia Plantations and Gardens works great as a side trip, or for a full day’s worth of activities. The cost is low, and there are plenty of things to keep you busy.  

Individual and themed tickets are built around group accommodations. An all-inclusive pass is the best option when available – they go fast, so make sure to grab them if you don’t have other discounts. Photo sessions are incredibly well priced, and will help you store the best memories of your trip.

Overall, Magnolia Plantations and Gardens is the type of deal that turns an okay trip into one that you’ll never forget. 

What Visitors Love

Plantation weddings are still trending upwards. There is a lot of positive feedback from weddings that are hosted with this setting. Besides having some of the most gorgeous backgrounds for wedding photos, you’ll also get the perfect place to host intimate events. It’s an all-in-one setting that gives you the most value for your budget. 

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens is one of the few places of its size to not run away from its own history. Themed tours and attractions are fun, educational and moving. The Historic Gardens, Gilliard Garden Center and the Conservatory are one-of-a-kind tours.

For something more hands on, you can always visit the mini-horses and peacocks at the Peacock Café. The Zoo and Nature Center are similar, and lets you relax in a fun setting. 

Before leaving, tourists end up with a handful of gifts from the Gift Shop. But these are not your ordinary trinkets that can be found online. Magnolia Plantation and Gardens has its own unique gifts that can only be found onsite. 

If you’re a collector, then this gift shop will change how you view tourist destinations. 

Wrap Up

Louisiana is usually the first-place tourists think about when planning a visit to repurposed plantations. The Magnolia Plantation and Gardens is in a league of its own, and may surpass anything you’ve ever seen. It’s large, the amenities are charming and the location is made for memories.