Benefitting from the Modern Technology: 5 Things That Smart Hotels Do Better

With smartphones, smart cars and even smart tv’s, it seems that technology is getting more intelligent every day. Inventors and innovators are designing smarter tech gadgets to make our lives easier and more enjoyable. This advanced technology is being integrated into nearly every aspect of human life. Smart hotels are the most recent addition that is creating quite a buzz in the tourism industry. Similar to other ‘smart’ technologies, smart hotels are transforming the overall hotel experience that people have been used to for decades. Fortunately, all of the changes are positive and beneficial. Here are five things that smart hotels do better than more traditional accommodations.

Automated Concierge

Checking in at the front desk, or concierge is the first impression that guests often have of a hotel. A bad front-desk experience can ruin many peoples’ vacations and may even cause some people to leave altogether. On the other hand, a welcoming and warm concierge can be a great start to a wonderful stay. Traditionally, hotels have one or two employees working to check guests into the hotel. Smart hotels have developed an automated concierge experience where guests can check in themselves. This technology will also answer questions regarding common questions about the hotel and surrounding areas.

In-room Entertainment

Anybody who has traveled to hotels within the last few years will remember turning on the television only to find three random channels. It was common for hotels to have a news channel, a cartoon channel and one random channel. Although vacations are for more than watching TV, it is nice for guests to be able to enjoy some entertainment. Smart hotels have transformed the in-room entertainment game for guests. These hotels have a large selection of channels and will even have streaming services where guests can choose from their favourite movies.

Sustainable Rooms

Technology isn’t the only force transforming the tourism industry. Travellers are also becoming more environmentally conscious as people learn how their day-to-day lives impact the health of Earth. Smart technology can help travellers and hotels accomplish their goals to preserve energy and the environment. Smart hotels have the ability to detect whether there is a person in the room or not by using advanced sensors. These sensors can also tell guests are asleep. Smart hotels can adjust the lighting, temperature and electrical appliances within a room when no guests are there. Many hotels offer a button that can help the room more environmentally friendly.

Enhanced User Experience

Smart rooms are able to use special algorithms to enhance the guest experience. For example, smart hotels are able to determine which rooms will offer a guest the quietest night. The controls in the room are also automated to ensure the best guest experience. There are lights on the floor that illuminate during the night when a guest gets up.

Consolidated Controls

Hotel rooms are notorious for having hundreds of different switches and buttons. From the television and air conditioner to the lights and other electronics, it can be difficult to locate all of these controls. Smart hotels have simplified this process by consolidating these controls in one touch-screen. Guests can control every aspect of the room from one, wireless pad.

Technology continues to simplify and improve the way we live. Smart hotels have transformed the hotel experience and will continue to improve the tourism industry.