Blending Work and Leisure: 6 Essential Survival Tips for Any Digital Nomad out There

If you asked someone what they do for a living and they tell you that they are a digital nomad, you might not know quite what to think about that. The nomad, of course, is the individual who wanders from place to place, either a romantic notion or a lonely one, depending on your sensibilities. The fact remains, though, that many people make their living through freelance jobs and telecommuting of various natures. These sorts of jobs might include copywriting, website creation, SEO work, or several other things. But for the digital nomad, it is critical to maintaining a healthy mental equilibrium. Here are some ways that can be achieved.

Don’t Take Jobs From Irresponsible Employers

One of the nice things about being a digital nomad is that you are free to take or turn down any job that you like. If you find a gig that seems to match your skill set, then you can certainly take it. However, if your employer is bad at keeping in touch with you or they don’t pay you promptly, then move on after giving them a sufficient number of chances. Nobody needs the irritation of working for an inconsiderate boss, especially the digital commuter.

Find a Nice Place to Work

Whether you are located in one place and telecommuting, or you are wondering about the globe, it is incumbent upon you to find an agreeable spot to ply your trade. You don’t want to design a website from a dingy warehouse. Find a coffee shop, a loft with some natural sunlight, or a restaurant with good food and great wifi.

Remind Yourself Why You Chose the Lifestyle

If you ever find yourself growing upset or frustrated for any reason, remember to take a few deep breaths and return to your place of inner peace again. You probably chose the nomadic lifestyle because of the freedom that it affords. If a job does not go as planned, that is no reason to get bent out of shape.

Watch Out for Time Zone Differences

If you’re supposed to have a Skype call or if you have something due at a particular time, remember time zone differences. If you do a no-show because you forgot about a time difference, then you might come off as flaky to an employer. That could result in missed wages or a lost contract.

Work During the Productive Time of Your Day

Some digital nomads like to get up bright and early and have a couple of hours of work put in before the sun is fully visible. Others want to sleep in and get started in the early afternoon. There are night owls that do their best work in darkness as well. Any of these are fine. Just be sure to set yourself up with a schedule that works and allows you the best shot at consistent productivity.

Make Time for Family and Friends

Just because you don’t have a cubicle to which you go every morning, that does not mean you’re all alone in the world. Most likely you still have a family and friends, and even if you’re travelling around a lot, you should make time to see them. The digital nomad runs the risk of feeling disconnected if they are not careful. Stay grounded by keeping up with the meaningful relationships in your life.

Digital nomad is not a job for everyone, but there are some who are uniquely suited for it. For those that make their living on the go with a laptop or tablet, life can be exciting, but certain policies increase the chances for success. As long as you follow them, you should have no problems as you navigate the world and your professional life.