What Is Bleisure Travel Why Should You Try It?

Bleisure travel is a combination of business and leisure wrapped into a complete package. Instead of flying back to headquarters after a completed assignment, you spend time enjoying the destination. Doing this creates the perfect bleisure experience without eating into your vacation time. 

Meet Up With People You Know

Are you going to a familiar place? Call ahead and set up time with friends or family after you finish company business. Afterwards, it turns into whatever relaxing activity you want. Having people around that you care about enhances leisure time. 

If you’re going to a new and unfamiliar place, then there are a couple of options. Set up a date with someone local so that you can unwind after finishing a project. This is a great way to meet someone new or network.


Just like any trip, pack what you need. There is nothing more infuriating than turning a bleisure trip into a shopping exercise. But that doesn’t mean you should completely ignore the shopping aspect of the trip. If the hotel the company has booked for you is near a shopping mall, then why not spend the day there? Depending on the location, a shopping mall is much more than stores, and can contain ice skating, movie theaters, restaurants and even virtual golfing. A good shopping mall is like a small city full of things to occupy your time and amusement. With a little digging, you may find a business idea (or two) while shopping. 

Stress Builds Up

Working too much is a drain on your body. Over time, your hours will go up but your work performance will suffer. This is the trade off of not prioritizing your personal time. Bleisure travel gets rid of this problem by letting you immediately unwind before jumping back into work mode. Having control of your work mode is vital to a healthy career. Instead of dreading a long trip, you are looking forward to the conclusion of a project. You get awarded for being efficient, and can make the most use of the time left at your destination. 

It Is A Money Saver

If the company is footing the bill for the hotel and travel, you are saving thousands of dollars a year. They are already taking care of the most expensive part, so that leaves you with plenty of cash for other activities. If they also take care of your phone and data plan, then count that as another huge bonus. The less money you spend on traveling costs, the more money you can spend on your personal itinerary. Travelers that keep track of every penny they spend can loosen the reigns a bit. Bleisure travel is all of the comforts of a mini vacation without any of the expenditures.